so jokes


I got a new friends-only livejournal.
And I'm not accepting anyone til i say so (:
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studs and stds

hello :

I'm thinking of getting a new livejournal with a name I love.
And having this one public.
And that one friends only.
y/n ?
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others things on my mind I missed last night.

- I'm in real need of a job. A nice one. I'm spending way too much and I'll know I'll regret it in the long run.
- Very behind on my goal. Only lost 35% of the pounds I wanted to this summer. Really, I lost 50% at times, but I know it was depending how much I ate that day. I'm content, but closer to the goal would make me REALLY happy. You have no idea.
- $$$$$$, I don't haz it.
- I'm getting
- I can't vote. DAMMIT.
- My skin cleared up over the summer. Yes. But I LOVE, how it chose to go back to the way it was when school starts.
- I really wish I was at a nice school, with teachers that are licienced legit, kids who actually aren't retarded.. etc.
- There's about 10 CDs I wanna buy.
- It won't work out.
- It's not funny how much I haven't improved in guitar.. I haven't really practiced in months..
- which, I think I need new strings, but I have no idea how to re-string.
- Capo's still busted.
- need. more. clothing. It's not a want, it's a NEED. seriously. I know I stopped growing, but still.
- I miss my HP friends more than most things. Cause 88% of the time, they pwn my IRL friends.
- I'm not that smart. School is actually beginning to be a probelm.

...I'm going back to my HW.
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You know what fucking sucks?

Missing your friends who are half way across the world and or country.
Having half of them problably unable to attend LeakyCon because of school.
Blowing bubbles into chocolate milk while IMing all the kids you miss.
Dude, and I'm having dreams of 1) No Yule Balls this year 2) Waking up in the HIlton. </3
Aaaaaaaand I just found out I have work in 10 minutes.
I'm not bothering with changing or showering.
Upside: Found $20 when I came home. Spent it on (:

Stalk on Facebook for pictures or something.
Gooooooooood. Can't wait til 2010.
And I need a car. Someone drive me to Six Flags next week and I'll be your loverrrr.
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studs and stds

Youtube and such.

Even though I LOVE Youtube and all it's glory, I still feel like a fool posting.
And Terminus is VERY soon.
I will now continue editing.
That is all.
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